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What Does the Experience Feel Like?

What Does the Experience Feel Like?

Within the first 3-8 minutes after your injection, you can expect to experience a warm, soothing feeling that encompasses the whole body. This is your body relaxing into its meditative state. After 8-10 minutes you’ll feel an ‘acceleration’, like your body is on an ‘astral’ roller coaster. Your body feels full of energy, almost like you are ‘catapulting’ your own consciousness outside of your body. Although the experience is intense, this is your brain expanding its neural plasticity.

The peak of the experience occurs within 30 minutes- 1 hour, with most people arriving at their ‘peak’ at the 45 minute mark. From here, your body will begin to relax again, and you will enter a deep, meditative state.

On waking, you are likely to feel drowsy and tired.

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