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Our Healing Mission

To help you recognize, appreciate, and release all that is keeping you from living in the light of your true essence.

A Family Practice

Sandy founded inLIGHTen Wellness with the support of her husband Troy. Both bringing multiple decades of experience in the medical field, they have spent the bulk of their professional careers living out a passion to help others in the emergency department. This is where they met each other and the majority of the inLIGHTen team. They will be carrying with them this combined, extensive medical knowledge and the insights they have received from their own healing journey using holistic healing modalities. The team is here to guide you safely, confidently and compassionately through your own transformative journey.


Our Team

Meet your healing partners:

Sandy Indermuhle Headshot

Sandy Indermuhle, M.D.


Medical Director & Transformational Guide

Troy Indermuhle Headshot

Troy Indermuhle

Transformational Guide

Carrie Gonzalez Headshot

Carrie Gonzalez, R.N.

Transformational Guide & Reiki Practitioner

Lena Walker Headshot

Lena Walker, R.N.

Transformational Guide &

Breathwork Facilitator

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