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An inLIGHTened
Ketamine Experience

We aim to provide you with a holistic treatment, including ketamine therapy, supported processing and other healing practices.

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Our Treatment Process

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Step 1

For the initial discovery call with Dr. Sandy, you can schedule it here: (include the link to my calendar page). Or you can email, call, or text the office cell to ask questions. If you’re ready, you will schedule an in-person evaluation and fill out online intake forms.

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Step 2

Initial in-person physician evaluation and intake with medical record review. If ketamine is right for you, then the medication and the process are discussed in detail. You will be paired with an integration coach for preparation and ongoing integration.

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Step 3

Schedule your integration coaching program prior to your Ketamine treatment session. Preparation involves helping you create intentions for treatment, offering recommendations for changes in daily activities prior to treatment to maximize benefit, and answering questions about what to expect during treatment.

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Step 4

Medication journey day in the healing space. Any questions will be answered and we will discuss your intention to help you feel at ease prior to receiving the medicine. We will support you in the room during the entire experience. We will have an immediate post-session exploration to help capture the essence of your journey.

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Step 5

Next day check in with your integration coach. You will then schedule your post-journey integration session within the next several days to help you process what came up during your journey. You and your coach will create a customized integration plan to incorporate what you learned into your everyday life.

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Step 6

There will be follow-up communications from us and through the Osmind app to check in and see how you are doing. At this point subsequent sessions can be scheduled.

Interested in learning more? Read more in depth on our process below:


01. Assessment & Consult

You will first need to undergo an assessment to see whether Ketamine therapy is the right choice for you. During this time, we will also discuss alternative treatment options to use in place of, or alongside, ketamine therapy. We will also spend time with you to answer any questions you have about the process and give you more insight on what to expect.

02. Set Intentions

Setting an intention for what you want to achieve during treatment is an important part of your journey. To find your intention, your integration coach will help you with this process. They will help by inviting you to explore parts of your life you are grateful for, your past life experiences and traumas, and points of contention. We provide you with a journal to facilitate this process. We ask that for at least 3 days before and after your treatment, you abstain from using social media, viewing news, violent programming or politics, or any topics that make you feel ‘heavy’. We also ask that you do not partake in the use of alcohol, marijuana, or other mind-altering substances. You will have better treatment results if you can come to your session feeling light. We recommend that you take the day after your treatment off work and clear your schedule of any responsibilities so that you can focus on processing what the medicine shows you and how to begin integrating it into your daily life.

Your Treatment

01. Prepare with Clinician

Your clinician will begin by examining if you are both mentally and physically ready for your treatment. We will share our insights into how to get the most out of your experience. We will help you reconnect and hold onto your intention and show gratitude for yourself and the medicine for helping you during your journey.

02. Your Journey

When you're ready to begin your experience, your guide (RN or MD) will administer your intramuscular injection while you lie comfortably back in our zero gravity recliners. You will be provided with an eye mask and noise-canceling headphones. Aromatherapy of your choice will be infused into the room while a specially curated playlist of music will help guide you through your journey. Weighted blankets and pillows are available for comfort during the session. A trained staff member will remain at your side throughout the entire session to assist you during your journey if needed and will capture anything notable in your journal for you to use in your processing. You will be sent your playlist to listen to later to help bring more recall and insights from your experience.

03. Reflection

Once the medication has worn off you are likely to feel drowsy. We will have a brief discussion about the themes that may have come up, to further reflect on in the coming days. You will have to have a ride home after your session.

Curate Your Experience

We want you to feel comfortable and safe throughout your experience. We compliment your heightened senses during your treatment with a selection of accompaniments.


Sense of Smell:

Choose your own aromatherapy and essential oils from our selection to further relax you during your treatment.


Sense of Sound:

Music is one of the best accompaniments to your journey. We will curate a beautiful playlist to help ease you into and guide you throughout the entire experience


Sense of Touch:
Comfortable Seating
and Cozy Soft Blankets

We use zero-gravity recliners with heat and vibration options. These recliners give a warm, ‘cozy’ feeling to further compliment your treatment. Soft blankets, and weighted blankets, are also provided to assist you in relaxation.


Sense of Taste:
Pure Sedona Water

inLIGHTen staff offer Pure Sedona Water directly from the source to hydrate and replenish your body after the completion of your session. Bring your favorite water bottle to use here, and to take home after your journey.

Post Treatment

01. Check In

On the day after your treatment, you may experience emotions or have memories surface from your journey and will need space to feel these emotions and process the journey on your own. We suggest you take the day off from work or other family responsibilities to fully allow yourself the opportunity to do this.Your coach will check in with you and schedule your full integration session in the coming days after you have had some time to sit with the journey yourself.

02. Integration

You will discuss the emotions and experiences that were felt during your session with your integration coach. Your integration coach will assist you in creating your plan to incorporate healthier practices in your daily life based on the insights received from your journey. Your integration coach can help you navigate your relationships and understand the blockages that have been holding you back. Your medical treatment is only one part of your journey. We help you put in the work after your session, so you can see real change in your life. Most people receive the best benefit from 3-6 ketamine treatments every 1-2 weeks. We may recommend further dosages based on persistent or recurrent symptoms. We recommend further dosages based on how you can incorporate changes into your everyday life.

Meet Our Integration Coaching Training Partner

Being True To You helped train our staff so that we can help our clients prepare for how to navigate the inner realms of the Ketamine journey with different tools, skills, and strategies so that our clients can get the most out of the experience. All of the inLIGHTen coaches have taken this 6 month training program. Learn More

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Stay in Touch Every Step of the Way

To simplify the patient process, inLIGHTen has partnered with Osmind to bring a streamlined app for patients to easily check in, stay up to date on treatment milestones, and schedule appointments.

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