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We are here to be your partner in healing for the people we all serve in the community who are suffering from a multitude of mental health disorders. We are here to collaborate with you to find the right regimen and healing modalities for the clients you refer.

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What patients may benefit from Ketamine Therapy?

People with depression, treatment resistant depression, and/or suicidal ideations

People with anxiety.

People with PTSD.

People with substance or alcohol use disorder.

Other mental health disorders without active or predominant mania or psychosis.

Clinical Benefits:

Ketamine therapy is a fast-acting addition to psychiatry’s traditional treatments for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and substance use disorders. Ketamine can ease symptoms in as little as one to three doses. This medication acts much faster than antidepressants and other conventional treatments which can take as long as four weeks for people to feel improvements in their symptoms. 


At sub-anesthetic doses, Ketamine promotes synaptogenesis leading to an effective rewiring of the brain. These changes allow a person to view themselves and their past traumas from a new, more flexible perspective. When Ketamine is used in combination with integration coaching and psychotherapy it has been shown to be highly effective in providing relief from chronic symptoms.

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